Tips for a Perfect Wedding in Middletown, CT

||Tips for a Perfect Wedding in Middletown, CT

Tips for a Perfect Wedding in Middletown, CT

Planning a wedding is an exciting time for any girl. They have spent their life planning the “LOOK” so there are many steps to take to assure the perfect look for their special day! The wedding experts at EG Salon, give brides to be the inside scoop with tips for a perfect wedding in Middletown, CT. 


Carlson WEdding 2First, call the salon 6 months to one year in advance. Most reputable salons book their guests out 6 months at a time, so you want to insure that you have the right salon and stylist reserved to create your perfect look for the perfect wedding in Middletown, CT, before the date is filled with clients. Plan a trial run for your wedding 3-6 months in advance. This will allow you the advantage to have your stylist help you choose the look that your hair will support in regard to style, head piece, veil, and time of year (weather).

You should plan your style first before you pick a veil. You can photograph your hair in a few styles and then decide. The best scenario is to schedule a trial for your hair on the day of a dress fitting so you can then see the whole look together. Planning in advance for the perfect wedding in Middletown, CT allows for options like more than one trial so you can see several styles and makeup applications.Planning 6 months in advance will also allow time to get your hair perfect and order extensions if necessary.

Depending on the situation some of the best products to consider are REDKEN‘S EXTREME Shampoo regime WITH IPN (internal protein network)  or Pureology‘s strength cure regime. These products balance protein & moisture to ensure the hair holds its style the absolute best. Too often Professional hairstylists see over moisturized hair, which doesn’t hold curl. PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN!!

To keep your hair smooth and shiny Keratin Complex Smoothing System is the BEST treatment Keratin Complex is the industry leader and the only Keratin product that is OSHA certified. It controls frizz for 3-4 months allowing manageability for more than just your special day. Keratin Complex services are life changing and are priced according to hair length and density, necessary for the perfect wedding in Middletown, CT.

When considering hair extensions, HAIR TREATS microsphere extensions are the best choice for someone who wishes to add length or volume for up to a 6 month period. It is recommended that you start the extension process far enough in advance to match your hair color perfectly and have them placed in your hair to get used to them. They will need to be adjusted and moved after 4-5 weeks and PUREOLOGY STRENGTH CURE SHAMPOO is your product of choice with extensions. Hair treats also has temporary extensions that that clip in to give you the temporary benefit of thicker, fuller hair without the maintenance of extensions.


IMG_1964There are many choices for your perfect wedding in Middletown, CT nails. A few great options are CND SHELLAC that will help keep your natural nails strong. Be sure that your salon is certified by CND to insure that your nails are not ruined with other gels in this category. This product lasts for up to 3 weeks but goes on like polish.The maintenance on this is less than that of false  nails. We love this product because it allows you to grow your own nails and have a long lasting manicure with no chips or breakage! You can even add gems, glitter or art to this product to customize your look for your perfect wedding in Middletown, CT. CND VINYLUX is an amazing polish that lasts for one week with no chips and is applied as part of a regular manicure.

Most brides do pedicures a few days before the wedding. Be sure your chosen salon cleanses the tubs for 15 minutes with an anti bacterial, germicide product so that your pedicure is healthy and your toes look their best! CND Vinylux polish is a GREAT option for toes as well!


wedding in middletown ctYour skin is  an often overlooked & a very important part of your wedding in Middletown, CT.  Dermologica is our favorite prescriptive line. A certified skin specialist can analyze your skin by mapping and focus corrective regimens. It is important that you start a skin care regime 6 months in advance and have monthly facials. The day before the wedding, a makeup prep facial is gentle cleansing and hydrating. No peels or deep facials should be done less than 2 weeks before the wedding to be sure no breakouts will occur. Your skin care specialist will advise you on what to use at home for the best skin for your wedding.


woman  applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation  on the faceMakeup requires a trial run. This should also be scheduled with your hair trial and dress fitting. it is recommended that you do this early in the day so that you can see how the makeup will last and blend throughout the day. We provide you with a flawless look with Airbrush makeup and work with a number of professional likes including MAC, NARS, and some mineral makeup as well. We prefer beauty addicts makeup as it incorporates corrective skin care ingredients like Dermoxyl  and collagen boosters to help plump the skin and avoid fine lines to insure a flawless look.

PRIMER is a must before any makeup application. It balances the skin and creates a smooth surface to lay the makeup on Dermologicas skin perfect primer is the best!  Eyelashes are fun and add definition to eyes on the wedding day. the temporary ones are fun to use and if done correctly you won’t even know they are there. They come in different volumes and sizes so they can be customized to your look. False eyelashes start at and additional $15.00 to your makeup application.


Many brides want to tan before their wedding in Middletown, CT. BEWARE. No tanning is good for your skin. Spray tanning could be great but you should plan a trial with this service well before the wedding. Sometimes streaks are inevitable and you want to be sure you work with someone who has a lot of experience in spraying. Choose a lighter shade when spray tanning at least 3 days before the wedding, as it will fade and wear off uneven sometimes..

If you choose to tan in a tanning sure to STOP tanning 2 days before the wedding to give your skin a break.


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