January 9th, 2017

This month EG Salon and Spa celebrates its 7th anniversary. It’s a milestone and we are so proud to share this anniversary with our loyal guests and amazing staff.

For some, ‘lucky 7’ is the world’s favorite number. There are seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas and seven continents.

Snow White ran off to live with seven dwarves, there were seven brides for seven brothers, Shakespeare described the seven ages of man, Sinbad the Sailor had seven voyages. And when Ian Fleming was looking for a code for James Bond, he didn’t go for 004 or 008. Only 007 had the right ring. We seem to love it too!

We are happy to state with some entrepreneurial pride that our salon has achieved a great level of success in the last seven years. We recognize that the key to our enduring success is you, our guests. We also know that our future growth and prosperity rest on continuing to put our guests first while offering the best products and services our industry has to offer. In the past (and we assume in the future), many clients have and will ask “what makes you different?” When  we reflect on that question, some goals we set early on in our company’s growth keep coming to mind as explanations:

Outperform. Innovate. Communicate.

Here’s how we’ve tried to meet those goals –

We seek to outperform the industry. In this business, trust and training are all-important. We set the groundwork in 2010 by adopting the Summit Salon Business strategy: hire the best, make education the basis for your company, Keep customer service in the front of ALL our minds. All of the employees at EG Salon have an incredible passion in the beauty industry – our guests should expect that. But “what separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work” – Our experienced staff at EG Salon work incredibly hard and go the extra mile so that our guests are gorgeous, everyday!

We’ve established a unique culture in which all of our employees work seamlessly as a team! Something you don’t generally see in a salon environment. We empower each of them to do right by the client – whatever it takes. In addition we offer performance based promotions, paid vacations, in short – its quality of life we want for us and our staff. We believe that with business systems, and the culture we have created at EG are the best ways to keep talented people and align their interests with those of our guests. We are proud that we are able touch so many lives and make such a difference for our staff, guests and community.

We devote resources to innovation to improve the services we provide. We also know that this industry changes quickly and is always improving. We set aside a substantial portion of our staffs’ time and company resources to innovate. There have been many exciting developments by Redken and Pureology and offering only NON-ammonia hair color formulas including our permanent color line! This aligns perfectly with our philosophy of keeping your hair in the best condition ALWAYS!  We continue to stay on trend with what is happening in all aspects of our trade. From technology, to who’s wearing what on the street, to customizing your look – its not only what we do best – its what we specialize in! Making gorgeous happen – everyday! At EG we believe in beauty inside and out. Community service and philanthropy are at the heart of EG’s vision, and every staff member enthusiastically participates in giving back to the community that has so embraced our company!

Communication is everything.

We believe effective communication allows us to build trust and respect. It enables EG Salon to keep you, our guest up to date on what is happening within our industry and our salon!

EG’s culture also focuses on master stylists training all staff, as well as being available for any questions or concerns any staff member or guest may have. Our Master stylists actively train all associates, so when our stylists begin working on guests, we know they are ready to make gorgeous, everyday.  We believe this approach provides higher quality and consistency. We think nothing is more effective in developing new talent than hands-on training and mentoring by experienced stylists.

The Future

Our goals are ambitious for the next five years too. Einstein said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

We don’t want to be the biggest salon. Our single biggest goal is to continue to do the things necessary to make our guests gorgeous, and allow our team to be of value both within our company and to themselves – so we all can continue to make a difference in this world. Ultimately, we know we help change lives. To that end, we will continue to invest in our company, our staff, and our guests. We will continue to invest in our community with our goPINK project and supporting other community events. If we enable you to be gorgeous, we’re confident you’ll recommend us to your friends and family – and that’s really the highest compliment and measure of success we can ask for.

So on behalf of EG Salon, thank you for SEVEN fantastic years. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding!

To continued success,

Ellie, Georgi and our team:

Breanne, Nikki, Mattie, Lisa, Shana, Kaleigh, Marie Adina, and Denise