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GoPink with EG Salon and Help make a difference in our community!

It’s funny how it happened. It was our first year in business and October was approaching..I knew we needed to do something for Breast cancer awareness but what that was I wasn’t really sure yet..

The idea for the Go Pink Project came to Marino in the middle of the night.”I think seeing singer Katy Perry’s pink and blue stripes in 2010 on the red carpet might have inspired me subliminally. I thought to myself, pink stripes on the streets of Middletown? How many people would participate?”

I brought it into the Salon the next day and ran my idea by Ellie, my business partner.

Low and behold our first year of Pink streaks warranted 200 PINK STREAKS around the town and it didn’t take long for the idea to catch on.. that year.. $4,000.00 was raised and donated to our local Hospital.

Year two, 2011, we decided to reorganize, adding hair feathers which were all the rage!. We knew that that year would be amazing… but $11,000 worth we could’ve never believed.

It was at that point we knew that if OUR salon was doing so well, that why not add in other salons and make it industry wide. Our industry is so powerful in so many ways, that by inviting colleagues we could make the donation bigger and at the same time give our industry boost.

We never quite get the credit we deserve as to how much worth we have in the lives of others and of the community.

Year three 2012 we invited 4 salons to join in and they all jumped onboard for a $27,000 year!

Businesses from around town and surrounding towns wanted in on goPINK. They loved the idea, the marketing we have done has been amazing and the support from local press gained us a fundraiser that was unstoppable.

It took on a life of its own and we needed help. Knowing that the funds were donated directly to our Local hospital, we reached out to them for help in organizing this event as running our new business and continuing to gain more businesses each year has become a full time job!.

Year 4, 2013 we partnered with Middlesex hospital and with their help we were able to raise $30,000!

By our 5th year, 2014, we had 40 businesses onboard and tipped the total in 2015 to $35,000!

To date the goPINK project has raised $103,000.00 for the Integrative medicine portion of healing from a cancer diagnosis. Each person receives 3 FREE integrative medicine treatments at diagnosis.

If you feel that you or your business would like to join in on the fun for 2015, visit www.gopinkproject.com or contact us at 860-346-7714.