Seven years of gorgeous

January 9th, 2017
This month EG Salon and Spa celebrates its 7th anniversary. It’s a milestone and we are so proud to share this anniversary with our loyal guests and amazing staff. 

For some, ‘lucky 7’ is the world’s favorite number. There are seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas and seven continents.

Snow White ran off to live with seven dwarves, there were seven brides for seven brothers, Shakespeare described the seven ages of man, Sinbad the Sailor had seven voyages. And when Ian Fleming was looking for a code for James Bond, he didn’t go for 004 or 008. Only 007 had the right ring. We seem to love it too! 

We are happy to state with some entrepreneurial pride that our salon has achieved a great level of success in the last seven years. We recognize that the key to our enduring success is you, our guests. We also know that our future growth and prosperity rest on continuing to put our guests first while offering the best products and services our industry has to offer. In the past (and we assume in the future), many clients have and will ask “what makes you different?” When  we reflect on that question, some goals we set early on in our company’s growth keep coming to mind as explanations:

Outperform. Innovate. Communicate.

Here’s how we’ve tried to meet those goals –

We seek to outperform the industry. In this business, trust and training are all-important. We set the groundwork in 2010 by adopting the Summit Salon Business strategy: hire the best, make education the basis for your company, Keep customer service in the front of ALL our minds. All of the employees at EG Salon have an incredible passion in the beauty industry – our guests should expect that. But “what separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work” – Our experienced staff at EG Salon work incredibly hard and go the extra mile so that our guests are gorgeous, everyday!

We’ve established a unique culture in which all of our employees work seamlessly as a team! Something you don’t generally see in a salon environment. We empower each of them to do right by the client – whatever it takes. In addition we offer performance based promotions, paid vacations, in short – its quality of life we want for us and our staff. We believe that with business systems, and the culture we have created at EG are the best ways to keep talented people and align their interests with those of our guests. We are proud that we are able touch so many lives and make such a difference for our staff, guests and community.

We devote resources to innovation to improve the services we provide. We also know that this industry changes quickly and is always improving. We set aside a substantial portion of our staffs’ time and company resources to innovate. There have been many exciting developments by Redken and Pureology and offering only NON-ammonia hair color formulas including our permanent color line! This aligns perfectly with our philosophy of keeping your hair in the best condition ALWAYS!  We continue to stay on trend with what is happening in all aspects of our trade. From technology, to who’s wearing what on the street, to customizing your look – its not only what we do best – its what we specialize in! Making gorgeous happen – everyday! At EG we believe in beauty inside and out. Community service and philanthropy are at the heart of EG’s vision, and every staff member enthusiastically participates in giving back to the community that has so embraced our company!

Communication is everything.

We believe effective communication allows us to build trust and respect. It enables EG Salon to keep you, our guest up to date on what is happening within our industry and our salon!

EG’s culture also focuses on master stylists training all staff, as well as being available for any questions or concerns any staff member or guest may have. Our Master stylists actively train all associates, so when our stylists begin working on guests, we know they are ready to make gorgeous, everyday.  We believe this approach provides higher quality and consistency. We think nothing is more effective in developing new talent than hands-on training and mentoring by experienced stylists.

The Future

Our goals are ambitious for the next five years too. Einstein said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” 

We don’t want to be the biggest salon. Our single biggest goal is to continue to do the things necessary to make our guests gorgeous, and allow our team to be of value both within our company and to themselves – so we all can continue to make a difference in this world. Ultimately, we know we help change lives. To that end, we will continue to invest in our company, our staff, and our guests. We will continue to invest in our community with our goPINK project and supporting other community events. If we enable you to be gorgeous, we’re confident you’ll recommend us to your friends and family – and that’s really the highest compliment and measure of success we can ask for. 

So on behalf of EG Salon, thank you for SEVEN fantastic years. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding!

To continued success,

Ellie, Georgi and our team: 

Breanne, Nikki, Mattie, Lisa, Shana, Kaleigh, Marie Adina, and Denise

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Bayalage, Ombre, Sombre, Color Melt? What does it all mean?

Balayage? Ombre? Sombre? Color Melt?.. It’s all so confusing to most. It all sounds so cool yet what’s the difference? I mean, everyone has their own interpretation for what hair color should look like, right?

Time and time again we are asked the simple question, Whats the difference between Balayage and Ombre? I hope I can break it  down for you with a few pictures I found from a colleague in Ontario, Canada who did and amazing job depicting the difference between all of these amazing looks. 

Basically, they all have the same thing in common. LOW MAINTENANCE! Who doesn’t love that? All of these looks are more customized, more natural, and are modern techniques that are much more flattering. Healthy hair is attractive hair and that’ll never go out of fashion. These techniques give a gorgeous healthy finish that looks nature-enhanced, glossy and expensive. It can be natural or strong, whatever you want, it’s all about the application technique.

Balayage” is French for “to sweep” or “to paint”. It allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour – similar to what nature gives us as children –13240640_10154112660806215_7198174197206309275_n with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. The principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks. It is applied on the surface and not saturated through the section until the very tips, otherwise you would have a streak of color that isn’t very soft at all. It can also be called a freehand technique because no foils are used to create the highlights.

13310496_10154112660771215_7292092175459614633_nOmbre” isn’t just another french word, its a technique of having tones of color that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark. Some will color the ends of the hair lighter while keeping the darker colors at the root to avoid the           “rooty Blonde” look. Some have done a reverse ombre where the lighter color is at the root and the darker color at the ends. The technique is done with Foils, clear wrap or freehand depending on the desired look.13241317_10154112660736215_3501254304482036214_nIt can be created with strong lines or softer, more blended lines and softer colors which brings us to the made up word……….. 

“Sombre”  created to mean “ Soft Ombre”. The same as ombre except the color change from dark to light is much more subtle!

13238889_10154112660696215_1802082155105570707_nA “Colour Melt” is a combination of many colors that “melt ” into each other by using a technique where a soft brush is used to move the colors together to make a seamless color change throughout the whole strand of hair. So much so that you can’t tell where one color starts and the other ends!

All of these techniques can be used together or separately to create an array of looks!

At EG Salon– we have taken the guesswork out of these hot new trends.

See any of our stylists and check out our Happy Hour specials for the opportunity to try a few of these looks. A complimentary customized consultation is always one of  EG Salon service standards to assure you of the perfect look that fits your needs and your budget!

Helping to keep you gorgeous, everyday…Georgi

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How to Create Beach Waves

How to Create Beach Waves by Eg Salon in Middletown, CT

Here at EG Salon we are loving summer! Even if you can’t make it to the beach, beach waves create a trendy and relaxed look that is the perfect accessory to any summer ensemble. The trick to getting the natural and effortless look, is some effort! We have partenered with Redken to bring you a video tutorial on how to create beach waves. In this video, you will be shown two different techniques on how to create beach waves, use whichever you feel most comfortable with. You will also see which Redken products we feel work best to create beach waves. Right now at EG salon you can take advantage of our summer promotions and save on all of your retail products and hot tools so make sure to take advantage of those offers while they last. Click HERE for a complete list of summer promotions. And of course, if you find yourself needing a little extra help to create beach waves, always feel free to consult your EG Salon stylist!

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The Novice’s Guide to Airbrush Makeup in CT

If you don’t generally wear much makeup, or even if you do, chances are you have at least heard of airbrush makeup in CT. Although you may have heard of this new trend in makeup artistry, you may not have had the opportunity to try airbrush makeup in CT for yourself. Celebrities need to look flawless for their red carpet appearances, and star-studded galas, but the average person doesn’t necessarily brush elbows with such lavishness until they have a big event to attend. During the big moments in their lives, such as prom, weddings, or maternity photo shoots, is when our guests rely on us for our makeup expertise. That is when we introduce them to the concept that will forever change the way they experience professional makeup application, airbrush makeup in CT.

First of all.. What is airbrush makeup in CT?

airbrush makeup in ctAirbrush makeup is A light-weight makeup applied through an air gun machine that sprays a thin, even layer of makeup and creates a very soft finish if applied correctly. Basically, a small amount of a very thin makeup designed for airbrush use is put into a chamber of a gun. When the machine is turned on and the gun trigger pulled, a light spray of makeup comes out of the gun in a fine mist.


Why do you recommend airbrush makeup for brides?

bridal airbrush makeup in ctThere are quite a few reasons why airbrush makeup in CT is generally the better option for brides on their wedding day. The first reason being that because of the way it is applied in a fine mist, airbrush makeup covers the skin in a smooth, even fashion that gives the appearance of a flawless complexion without appearing too heavy like some traditional makeups. Colors can be mixed to find your perfect shade and since the mist is so fine, your natural skin tone shines through (if applied properly) which lets you still feel like.. well you. It also doesn’t FEEL heavy like a lot of traditional makeup that needs to be heavily layered to create the same flawless look.  (Airbrush Makeup TIP: If you break a sweat on the dance floor, or for any other reason, make sure to blot not wipe to avoid smearing your makeup).

Also silicone-based airbrush makeup will not transfer onto clothing, which not only keeps the bride’s dress clean but also the groom’s collar. Wearing white can be very dangerous when mixed with a ton of concealers, bronzers, and powders. Airbrush makeup in CT helps smooth out some of the clothes-staining drama that comes with traditional foundations. It’s also waterproof (bring on the waterworks!) and it won’t go anywhere until you wash it off.

Another big benefit of airbrush makeup in CT is the way it looks in photos. Hi-Definition cameras have really made makeup artists more aware of their application methods. Every line from a brush or sponge, if not blended well, can be seen in detail through HD. With airbrush, you don’t ever worry about streaks or brush strokes. Since it’s sprayed, the fine mist mirrors the pixels in a picture, making it flawless and requiring minimal edits. So not only do makeup artists love it, photographers do too! And let’s face it, with every big event comes a slew of photos to capture the memories! A streaky, splotchy, makeup job is definitely not one of the memories you will want to cherish years from now.

Is airbrush makeup for everyone?

airbrush makeup eg salon ctAs with anything else, airbrush makeup in CT is not a one size fits all kind of thing. During your makeup trial, you should discuss with your makeup artist in CT what your options are, and what will work best for your desired look and skin type. A professionally trained makeup artist should be able to handle both traditional and airbrush makeup in CT in a way that complements you! Airbrush makeup needs to be applied to smooth, moisturized, hair-free skin. Traditional makeup needs pores to adhere to, however airbrush makeup can adhere to smooth surfaces and if you have any facial hair, it will adhere to each individual hair and can make someone look like a fuzzy peach. The same is true for dry skin. So Nair, wax, exfoliate, whatever you need to do, and if you aren’t comfortable with that then traditional makeup might be a better choice for you.

Is airbrush makeup worth the extra cost?

airbrushAbsolutely! Although air brush makeup tends to run a few extra dollars, in the end it is money well-spent. This is especially the case when you are talking about one of the biggest days of your life, like your wedding day. The benefits of airbrush makeup far outweigh traditional makeup. It’s streak-free, transfer resistant, and wears all day long, even through sweat and tears. Also, think about the amount of money spent on your dress, hair, photography, etc. – why wouldn’t you want to make sure that your makeup is on-point? There are a lot of areas of a wedding that can be DIY, but makeup is not one of them. When you are paying a professional makeup artist in CT you are paying for so much more than someone to do your makeup for you, you are paying for years of education and experience that that artist has undergone before they even met you! Not to mention, the security that goes with knowing exactly what to expect (Wedding Tip: Always book a trial before your big day so both you and your artist know EXACTLY what is needed and to avoid any last minute surprises). Think about switching something around in your budget, maybe something that you can do yourself weeks before the wedding, and make room for the day-off necessities.

In the end, don’t stress too much! It all depends on your personal preference and if you can’t decide between the two, do a trial with both and see what’s right for you. If there are any other questions you have please don’t hesitate to contact us at the salon. We are proud to be the first choice of so many venues, brides, prom attendees, and other guests in need of airbrush makeup in CT for their big day! For appointments or questions: 860-346-7714.


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Makeover Madness: A Partnership with Innovative Fitness


EG Salon partnered with Innovative Fitness for a transformation for these group of 5 girls who set out on a journey in January of this year to partake in “Transformation 60”.  EG Salon had the pleasure to work alongside these ladies as they made over their bodies, we completed the new looks for them alongside Innovative Fitness.

Jen Innovative Fitness


Jenn opted for a new look via styling! We curled her hair for a fuller look that adds fullness and softness for an updated trendy look to the same cut. Consider a styling lesson with your stylist to see how to change your look!



picstitch (2)



Try a little warmth…

Look at how amazing Kellie is as a strawberry blonde. When bringing out a bit of warmth to the color, her skin tone changes dramatically.


picstitch (3)


WOW! Look at how you can go from blonde to BLACK!! We had some fun with this model as she was looking for an amazing change and she certainly got a whole new look! Allison rocks this look with the fun pop of blue on the ends!

picstitch (1)




Kyra has been a guest of EG Salon for years. Nikki has been working on deepening her color and added highlights for contrast. We shortened the length a bit and we love her look a bit shorter!


picstitch (4)



Randa wears this classic bob which is always a timeless look. We customized Randa’s color and added a few highlights to add movement & texture, talk to your stylist to see how a slight color change can make all the difference in your style




All in all, this group lost a total of 74.60 inches 29.98% body fat and a total of 78 inches in 60 days at Innovative Fitness!!!  We were happy to work alongside Innovative fitness and wellness in joining these women on their quest for a healthier lifestyle! If your group would like to be part of a makeover success story, feel free to contact the salon. We’d love to be a part of it!


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The Truth about Keratin Treatments

Written by Shana at EG Salon

keratinSo, I am at my daughter’s dentist appointment and the Dental Hygienist who s cleaning her teeth is  raving about my hair (of course).  When she comes up for air and pauses, I toss in  real quickly that I’m a hairdresser…thus the awesome hair!  With the water-spritzer-thing still in my daughter’s mouth, the Hygienist goes “Ohhh, well, what do you think about my hair?”

A simple question that appears like a butterfly, but stings like a bee. A question that can stop traffic…

I air on the side of caution…does she really want to know what I think about her hair? Is she talking about the color of her hair that is WAY to cool for her skin tone? Is she talking about the cut that isn’t sassy enough for her cute figure? Is she talking about the breakage all around her crown from constantly flat ironing naked (no heat protection products used) hair over and over? Or does she need lessons on how to better flat iron the rest of that tress, because girlfriend missed some serious spots in the back!  As all of this is flying thru my mind and I’m about to give her my real opinion in the nicest delivery possible while handing her my VIP business card (for 20% off her first service with me) with a smile, she interjects yet again and says “I gave myself a Keratin smoothing treatment!”

And, my face now looks like someone just pinched me. HARD.

You gave yourself a Keratin smoothing treatment…I repeat back. Proudly, she nods her head. Now, I’m like a reporter trying to get the whole scoop and nothing but the scoop.

Me: Where did you get the product?

Her: Sally’s Beauty Supply…

Me: What’s the name of the product?

Her: I don’t know…

Me: Is it real Keratin or a Blow Out, or a Relaxer?

Her: I don’t know…

Me: How long does it claim  to last in your hair?

Her: I don’t know…

Me: Is your hair normally curly, frizzy or unmanageable?

Her: umm, no, not really…I just heard it was good for your hair and a lot of people have been doing it…ya know…

She proceeds to tell me that she read the directions, preformed the service, and when it came to “sealing” the product in, the directions said that you need a flat iron that is 450 degrees.  Her ConAir flat Iron doesn’t get up that high, she ESTIMATED that it probably got up to 250, maybe 300 degrees (huge difference there…but whatever) so after she flat ironed the product in with the ConAir, she had her NEIGHBOR come over and take a real iron (like for clothes and what not) and she put a DISH TOWEL over her hair on the IRONING BOARD and her neighbor ran the iron over her hair to ensure it got to the 450 degrees.

UMMMMMM, where oh WHERE do I begin??

#1, Am I being punked?  #2, is this for real?  #3, REALLY? REALLY lady??  #4, refer back to #1 and #2 while I gather my thoughts on how I’m going to handle this situation….

keratin eg salonI felt I needed to school her on Keratin.  Keratin treatments are mainly used to strengthen, smooth and straighten hair. Keratin treatments were getting a bad rap for a while because they were found to have high levels of Formaldehyde in them. * This all depends on what type of Keratin is used.  **We use Copola Keratin, best product out there (and not because my salon uses it), research it, google it, read the reviews.  Keratin treatments should last up to 6 months depending on how fast your hair grows and it’s texture.  Some people it lasts up to 3 months.  A Keratin treatment will not rid your hair of natural curl, it will simply subtract out the frizz and bulk.  It will be easier to straighten your hair when you prefer and will cut down on the blow dying time considerably.  People LOVE Keratin treatments, but they should be done by a PROFESSIONAL who is CERTIFIED to do them.  They shouldn’t be done in your kitchen with poor ventilation.  They shouldn’t be sealed with a flat iron that you have no idea how hot it is or isn’t. And your neighbor who is also not a hair professional shouldn’t be helping you seal it in for round 2 with an every day iron that you just starched your husband’s shirt with this morning!!

Clearly that neighbor got a little gun shy when it came to ironing close to the her friends  root area in the back of her head…because that hair was all kinds of wavy back there.  She looked like she had bed head, not a Keratin treatment!!

I had to ask if this product came with special shampoo and conditioner to use to ensure the treatment stays.  The response was frightening…”No, it didn’t, but I use that new stuff that Suave came out with…it’s their line of smoothing stuff…” Dear Lord….that is for another day, and a whole other blog….

expert-hair-dresser-400x400I said ”Good Luck” to the Dental Hygienist….said that I would see her in 6 months and maybe that treatment would still be in (or her hair would have fallen out by then). Handed her my card and some free samples (yup, always have them on hand) and said to come in sometime, I would LOVEEE the opportunity to do your hair!

Lesson of this entry: You wouldn’t remove your own wisdom teeth, would you?  No, you would seek the advice and knowledge of a professional.  Then, don’t perform chemical services on your own hair, especially when you know nothing about the product, why you need it (or think you need it) and how to properly do it!

Until next time…Stay Gorgeous!


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Let’s Talk Shampoo!

Written By Shana of EG Salon

I love when I get a new client in my chair. Fresh blood, new ideas,new conversations and best of all, another mark made by me in the world! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE and am very thankful for my “ol’ faithfuls” (you girls KNOW who you are). I’ve been blessed with a truly great clientele, and most of my “peeps” allow me to make suggestions and offer true opinions that they take into consideration when it comes to their hair and overall look.

What will always crack me up…no matter how long I stay within my beloved profession, are the people that come in and want me to preform a hair miracle but want to take no further ownership once they leave my chair. Once I bipitybopityboo your hair into a glamorous look, the buck doesn’t stop there … no pun intended.

When you tell me “I would love Drew Barrymore’s Ombre (the color job that is meant to look like grown out roots, with the bottom of the hair lighter than the top…yep, people pay for that..) including that “beachy wave” look.” And I ask you how committed you are to achieving that hair style? I kinda need you to tell me the truth…the whole truth.

Because I can absolutely make you LOOK and BELIEVE you are Drew Barrymore upon leaving my salon, going out for dinner and drinks with the girls and home with that hot guy you picked up at Roof Top 120 (who really thinks you ARE Drew), but when you wake up the next morning and try to recreate Drew…well she won’t work with your Pantene shampoo and Garnier hairspray…

redkenI’m a BEAUTICIAN, not a MAGICIAN!! EG Salon is a REDKEN and Pureology ELITE Salon. There are only 257 elite salons in the USA and we’re one of them! Those are the products we use in house and retail to our guests. We (I) feel that they are the best in the industry. The owners of EG (Ellie & Georgi) were born and raised on REDKEN. Ellie is a former REDKEN educator.

REDKEN and Pureology are sister companies. 2 amazing companies, partnered to bring the best of each world from my hands to your head. Have you ever heard “You get what you pay for.”? It’s the truth. When you commit to using professional products BOUGHT IN A SALON, the sky is the limit for your hair. No joke.

REDKEN and Pureology are both prescriptive lines. What does that mean?? Let me tell you. If you tell me that your hair is unruly and frizzy? I have two options for you and your budget. You can go with the new Frizz dismiss by REDKEN, or you can go with the Super Smooth regimen by Pureology. The new technology that Frizz Dismiss will prevent 82% frizz in your hair after one use!! The new FPF (frizz protection factor) and humidity resistant technology features Aquatorial repels humidity and locks in moisture while Pracaxil Oil leaves hair smooth, nourished and strengthens the fiber for lasting manageability and control.. This stuff really works!! Honestly.

pureology shampooSuper Smooth by Pureology, gently cleanses and tames unruly hair. It is 100% Vegan and Organic, and concentrated This company works with recyclable plastics and they are cutting down on the amount of plastics they are using with…which means a little goes a LONG way. Do you know that most other professional hair product lines are not prescriptive? **I’m not bashing** but if you go to a Paul Mitchell Salon and tell them that your hair is dry and unruly, good luck.

Many other product lines don’t have options. It’s cut and dry, you need color-safe shampoo, here it is — this one and this one only. And for the people who think that Pantene has a color-safe or smoothing shampoo. CALL ME, we’ll have a class … when I show you the PH of that product, you’ll be crying!!

Back to looking like Drew…despite Drew claiming she uses Cover Girl makeup and Garnier hair color, she (obviously) doesn’t and I’m sure NEVER has. But what Drew does use, is professional products. That’s why her hair looks shiny. That’s why you don’t see any frizz, and that’s why when she walks the red carpet she looks better put together than your present on Christmas morning!

I once had a client tell me very proudly that she ONLY uses professional products. She would never use anything but professional. Impressed, I asked her what she was exactly using (thinking this is great!) She said “oh, I’m always switching it up, but this month I’m using Chi shampoo and conditioner and for hairspray I’m using Sexy Hair and for mouse I’m using Keratin-something, and for an oil, I’m using Moroccan Oil (**NOT A FAN, but i’ll save that for later**).

I said, WOW, sounds great…where did you get all of these products? Her: Marshall’s. Me: longgggggggggggggggg pauseeeeeeeeeeee….REALLY? wow. I didn’t know they sell all of that.

Her: Oh yeah, but not faithfully…you have to take what you can get…and they don’t carry each product all the time…and there is always something new… Sounds great. NOT. #1…professional products sold at MARSHALL’s no longer qualify as professional. Just like Coach bags and Louis Vuitton sold out of some guy’s van at the New Haven Flea Market don’t qualify as real. There are knock-off hand bags, and there are knock-off hair products.

It’s a MILLION dollar industry friends, google it! Now, sometimes what is sold as far as hair products in Marshall’s are authentic. But, how long have they been on a shelf prior to getting to the department store is just one of the questions. Most what is sold in a department store has been discontinued or re-packaged.

So, what good does this do you? Find the product you like and now you can’t get it again?! #2, You are self-diagnosing your hair troubles and purchasing on what the bottle says, “color safe,” “anti frizz.” Because you are not a professional, you don’t even really know what you need or don’t need, and the dude stocking shelves in aisle three has no clue where he even is right he’s no help!

#3, You don’t even know how to use the product. You just saw “anti frizz” and said…yup, that’s me, that’s what this mane needs. You didn’t see that you are only supposed to use the “anti frizz” every other day.

#4, Chi is a flat iron that they sell in a kiosk at the mall, that’s how they got their industry “in.” Sexy Hair can be bought at WalMart and CVS and contains more alcohol than a Dirty Martini, and Moroccan Oil is tinted brown…good luck dumping that in your platinum hair..hope you were going for low lights! It’s been known to stain!! And, it’s all the rage now, but move over because almond oil is making its way up and will be all the rave by January. Then it’s all Moroccan who?…

If I prescribed Pureology STRENGTH CURE shampoo to you and you felt that it wasn’t rinsing out good, or that it just wasn’t working, you would bring it back to me. It wouldn’t matter if the bottle was half-full or half-empty. You aren’t happy, no problem. Let’s try something else. Try bringing back the half-used bottle of Chi to Marshall’s. They aren’t taking it. If the bottle says “100% Guarantee” well it’s null and void because it wasn’t purchased in a professional retail store. The guy in aisle three could care less that it weighs your hair down…Next customer, please…

Are you sitting there saying, “Well, of course you want me to buy products from you at your salon because you make money off the sale…”?? Well, that’s partially true, I do make money off the sale. But what I make in retail money, goes toward my EDUCATION. So, when I’m not able to accommodate your partial foil next month because I’m in New York City for two days, I’m not touring the city, I’m taking classes. I’m educating myself on what the new hot and trendy products are, how to use them, and who would be the best client to offer them to. Then, I can educate you. I want your hair to look BETTER than Drew Barrymore’s!! I want you to feel the difference in your hair! I want you to be HAPPY with your style and look. And, honestly, that cannot be achieved with whatever the flavor of the month is at Marshall’s!!

If you are going to throw your money away product testing things that you think might work, then stop. You will spend LESS money purchasing an authentic product with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee in our salon where I can inform you on the best use of the product that fits your hair and beauty budget!

***This month, purchase 2 salon products and enter your name in a contest to win FREE hair services for 6 months!

Stay Gorgeous~




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Parking Information for EG Salon in Middletown, CT

Parking information for EG Salon in Middletown, CT to make it easier for you!

salon in middletown, ct
No more tickets or waiting in line anymore!
The New parking structure is sure to please.. Although different, we do believe in the long run it will be better. The Parking structure is much like West Hartford, CT where you will now be prepaying for your parking. Click HERE to learn more about the new parking protocol.
The ORANGE spots are for one hour FREE parking.
 If you are just dropping in for a quick product or gift card, just use these spaces. You DO NOT need to stop at the kiosk for one hour parking in the ORANGE spots
As you drive in, you will park in the GREEN spots.
You will then walk to the salon and stop in FRONT OF THE SALON to the KIOSK (see image below)
You will input your
license plate number
and then choose how much time you should buy. $.75 per hour still. If you are getting a color, I would buy 2-3 hours. Your stylist will best let you know how long it will be for your appointment. Swipe your debit card and your DONE!
The lot will be patrolled by the parking attendants and like any other parking, you WILL receive a ticket if you go over your time.
We will be reminding you of this change to parking at EG Salon in Middletown, CT during confirmation calls.
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Tips for a Perfect Wedding in Middletown, CT

Planning a wedding is an exciting time for any girl. They have spent their life planning the “LOOK” so there are many steps to take to assure the perfect look for their special day! The wedding experts at EG Salon, give brides to be the inside scoop with tips for a perfect wedding in Middletown, CT.


Carlson WEdding 2First, call the salon 6 months to one year in advance. Most reputable salons book their guests out 6 months at a time, so you want to insure that you have the right salon and stylist reserved to create your perfect look for the perfect wedding in Middletown, CT, before the date is filled with clients. Plan a trial run for your wedding 3-6 months in advance. This will allow you the advantage to have your stylist help you choose the look that your hair will support in regard to style, head piece, veil, and time of year (weather).

You should plan your style first before you pick a veil. You can photograph your hair in a few styles and then decide. The best scenario is to schedule a trial for your hair on the day of a dress fitting so you can then see the whole look together. Planning in advance for the perfect wedding in Middletown, CT allows for options like more than one trial so you can see several styles and makeup applications.Planning 6 months in advance will also allow time to get your hair perfect and order extensions if necessary.

redken extreme hair staticDepending on the situation some of the best products to consider are REDKEN‘S EXTREME Shampoo regime WITH IPN (internal protein network)  or Pureology‘s strength cure regime. These products balance protein & moisture to ensure the hair holds its style the absolute best. Too often Professional hairstylists see over moisturized hair, which doesn’t hold curl. PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN!!

To keep your hair smooth and shiny Keratin Complex Smoothing System is the BEST treatment Keratin Complex is the industry leader and the only Keratin product that is OSHA certified. It controls frizz for 3-4 months allowing manageability for more than just your special day. Keratin Complex services are life changing and are priced according to hair length and density, necessary for the perfect wedding in Middletown, CT.

When considering hair extensions, HAIR TREATS microsphere extensions are the best choice for someone who wishes to add length or volume for up to a 6 month period. It is recommended that you start the extension process far enough in advance to match your hair color perfectly and have them placed in your hair to get used to them. They will need to be adjusted and moved after 4-5 weeks and PUREOLOGY STRENGTH CURE SHAMPOO is your product of choice with extensions. Hair treats also has temporary extensions that that clip in to give you the temporary benefit of thicker, fuller hair without the maintenance of extensions.


IMG_1964There are many choices for your perfect wedding in Middletown, CT nails. A few great options are CND SHELLAC that will help keep your natural nails strong. Be sure that your salon is certified by CND to insure that your nails are not ruined with other gels in this category. This product lasts for up to 3 weeks but goes on like polish.The maintenance on this is less than that of false  nails. We love this product because it allows you to grow your own nails and have a long lasting manicure with no chips or breakage! You can even add gems, glitter or art to this product to customize your look for your perfect wedding in Middletown, CT. CND VINYLUX is an amazing polish that lasts for one week with no chips and is applied as part of a regular manicure.

Most brides do pedicures a few days before the wedding. Be sure your chosen salon cleanses the tubs for 15 minutes with an anti bacterial, germicide product so that your pedicure is healthy and your toes look their best! CND Vinylux polish is a GREAT option for toes as well!


wedding in middletown ctYour skin is  an often overlooked & a very important part of your wedding in Middletown, CT.  Dermologica is our favorite prescriptive line. A certified skin specialist can analyze your skin by mapping and focus corrective regimens. It is important that you start a skin care regime 6 months in advance and have monthly facials. The day before the wedding, a makeup prep facial is gentle cleansing and hydrating. No peels or deep facials should be done less than 2 weeks before the wedding to be sure no breakouts will occur. Your skin care specialist will advise you on what to use at home for the best skin for your wedding.


woman  applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation  on the faceMakeup requires a trial run. This should also be scheduled with your hair trial and dress fitting. it is recommended that you do this early in the day so that you can see how the makeup will last and blend throughout the day. We provide you with a flawless look with Airbrush makeup and work with a number of professional likes including MAC, NARS, and some mineral makeup as well. We prefer beauty addicts makeup as it incorporates corrective skin care ingredients like Dermoxyl  and collagen boosters to help plump the skin and avoid fine lines to insure a flawless look.

PRIMER is a must before any makeup application. It balances the skin and creates a smooth surface to lay the makeup on Dermologicas skin perfect primer is the best!  Eyelashes are fun and add definition to eyes on the wedding day. the temporary ones are fun to use and if done correctly you won’t even know they are there. They come in different volumes and sizes so they can be customized to your look. False eyelashes start at and additional $15.00 to your makeup application.


Many brides want to tan before their wedding in Middletown, CT. BEWARE. No tanning is good for your skin. Spray tanning could be great but you should plan a trial with this service well before the wedding. Sometimes streaks are inevitable and you want to be sure you work with someone who has a lot of experience in spraying. Choose a lighter shade when spray tanning at least 3 days before the wedding, as it will fade and wear off uneven sometimes..

If you choose to tan in a tanning sure to STOP tanning 2 days before the wedding to give your skin a break.


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Valentine’s Day Hair and Makeup Looks to Love

EG Salon tells all about Valentine’s Day Hair and Makeup Looks to Love.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the people you love – be it a night out with the girls or quality time spent with your honey. Either way, one thing is for sure – you should love the way you look! We have narrowed it down to our four favorite Valentine’s Day hair and makeup looks and we are confident there is a match for every style and personality.

Baby, You’re So Classic:

blake lively classicIf you find your personal style taking after classic beauty legends like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, the Valentine’s Day hair and makeup look for you is ‘The Classic’. Red lips and cat eyes are a timeless look that can suit your Valentine’s Day plans, no matter where they might take you. Classic, means it will never go out of style – that means you can dress it up, dress it down or hover in the middle cause you are ready for anything!

In terms of hair, this look goes amazingly with soft, classic waves. Pair with your favorite little black dress. Celebrities such as Blake Lively, Katy Perry, and Megan Fox have all been spotted strutting this classic Valentine’s Day hair and makeup look on the red carpet. Schedule your appointment at EG Salon for ‘THE CLASSIC’ Valentine’s Day hair and makeup look and receieve 15% OFF! Spaces limited and filling quickly.

Au Naturale:

jessica biel naturalIf you generally don’t wear a lot of makeup, or spend a lot of time primping, the Valentine’s Day hair and makeup look for you is ‘THE NATURAL”. Emphasize your best assets with a ‘barely there’ makeup look that keeps it light and simple. Pair with relaxed loose waves and a little added volume. You can rock this look anywhere from a dinner date to Yankee Stadium as it’s not overly dressy and let’s you feel like yourself. Celebs that like to go it au naturaleon the red carpet include Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johannson, and Reese Witherspoon. Book this Valentine’s Day hair and makeup look at EG Salon and SAVE 15% off! Spaces limited and booking quickly: 860-346-7714.


Bronze Goddess:

jlo heidi braid mary kate olsen heidi braidIf your style is fun, cute, and flirty the Valentine’s Day hair and makeup look for you is ‘THE GODDESS” – often shown on celebrities such as JLO & Giselle, this look lets you look like your natural self with different tones of bronze shimmer. We have paired it with an adorable ‘Heidi braid’ that creates a look that’s both chic, trendy, and versatile. Look ‘red carpet ready’ by reserving your appointment with EG Salon for this Valentine’s day hair and makeup look and SAVE 15%! Spaces limited and filling quickly: 860-346-7714.

Va Va Va VOOM!

eva longoria smokey vixenIf you love the look of a seductive smokey eye the Valentine’s Day hair and makeup look for you is ‘THE VIXEN’. We have paired a classic smokey eye look with a sleek bun to create a look that is sure to capture the attention of your Valentine! Celebrities known for this look include Kim Kardashian, Mila Kunis, and Eva Longoria. Mesmerize your Valentine with this Valentine’s Day hair and makeup look. Reserve your appointment at EG Salon for ‘THE VIXEN’ and receive 15% OFF! Spaces limited and filling quickly: 860-346-7714.



On behalf of EG Salon, we would like to wish all of our customers a very Happy Valentine’s Day! No matter how you are spending it, or who you are sharing it with, we are sure that these Valentine’s Day hair and makeup looks will leave you feeling everyday gorgeous!


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